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What is the value of Wenzhou Jinzheng warning light for clients

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  Most customers have asked us before, what is the difference between your strobe emergency light and other factories'. 

  We have nothing more than to answer: our strobe lights are of better quality, faster delivery, best price and good service. 

  It seems that there are just a few points on the surface, but let me take you into our real value.

 What is the core value of our police LED warning light? 

  Not us, customers are the core of our value. Because of your pursuit of the latest, more beautiful and most practical, we can develop the most suitable product for you.

 1.Case: Ice blue strobe lights had been become the colors that Indonesian loves .

  We always make LEDs with red,blue,yellow,white and green, or combined color. We customize these common colors according to customer needs, and the cost is relatively low for customer.

  When a client from Indonesia came up and asked for the ice blue led car surface strobe lights, we thought that is an opportunity. 

  This is a different color that our company never met. How did the customer think of this color, what emotions and actions are there, and what local needs drove him to look for?

  Mr.Tan sent samples and we developed them. 

  At first, it could only be a 3535 LED bulb, then we have 2835 LED bulb ice blue . Finally all of our LED bulb can be made in ice blue. 

  And they are good quality and beautiful price, Mr.Tan is very happy with our products.

  There are supporters behind each product, so more and more customers come to us and ask the ice blue light. 

  Even one of the customers became our exclusive agent for F3 strobe lights in 2020. 

  Products allow us to build a bridge of communication with our customers.

E3 police warning lights                                                               F3 police warning lights


  2. Our company’s motivation:developing new products

  We know that there are many similar products on the market, with varying price and quality. 

  Creating differentiation is one of the directions of our companys survival, and it is also the customers willingness to pay attention to our value.

  A product is needed, because it is different from others. We dare to create products and establish interactions with customers.

  At the beginning of April 2020, we released a new arrival 47 inch strobe flashing LED warning lightbar.

  Also we still in developing new controller box,dual color and other lights.

   TBD-9600B Silver (1)

    3.So how do we find customer needs?

  1).Simple and easy to use: operation should not be too complicated, clients can understand how to operate immediately.

  2).Beautiful price: for every penny you pay, we eliminate inferior products

  3).No burden: Our warning lights have a 2 years warranty, best after-service

  4).Seeking value: develop new products together and have fun

  5).Emotional needs: a sense of pleasure, satisfied with the colorfulness and brightness of the warning lights

  At last, we have faith in good products. Products are material needs, brands are spiritual needs.




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