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Wenzhou Jinzheng Safety Technology Co., Ltd. Is one of Professional manufacturer and Exporter for all kinds of led lightbars, mini lightbars, car strobe lights, ambulance lights, beacon lights, dash visor lights and siren amplifiers and speakers for police car, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Wreckers and Other special Vehicles since 2014.

Our factory is located in wenzhou airport new area industrial zone, More than 30 workers, 3000㎡ non-dust workshop. It is only 15 minutes from Wenzhou Airport to our factory. We got ISO9001, ECER65, ECER10, RoHS, CE, E-mark certification and so on.

Our Factory makes long-term cooperation with more than 2,000 Closed partnership from United States, South of America, Europe, Middle-East Area, South-East Asia, Africa and other Countries to Actively expand the overseas market and is continuously growing on the basis of O E M and O D M markets. Our products feature exquisite workmanship and elegant and graceful appearance, enjoy good reputation among a wide range of users.


J&Z TECH to dedicated specialized in research,designing, manufacturing of the products.including OEM/ODM, R&D ability, sourcing solutions, quality control, certification, delivery and After-sale. We attach great importance to product quality and Pre-sale&After-sale Services.
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Our factory is located in wenzhou airport new area industrial zone, More than 30 workers, 3000㎡ non-dust workshop. It is only 15 minutes from Wenzhou Airport to our factory. We got ISO9001, ECER65, ECER10, RoHS, CE, E-mark certification and so on.



Holiday notice-2023 Chinese New year holiday
2023 / - 01 / - 02

Please be advised that our company will be closed from 2023.1.5th to 2023.1.31th for Lunar New Year holiday. Our business operation will back to normal on 2023.2.1st.

Exports have skyrocketed by 90%
2022 / - 12 / - 15

It's spectacular! Domestic car terminals line up to "go to sea"! This kind of car is sold out, and exports have skyrocketed by 90%. Since the beginning of this year, my country's auto exports have grown rapidly. In November, my country's auto exports reached 370,000 units, a year-on-year increase of

The "World Cup Trophy" of the police light industry
2022 / - 12 / - 09

As we all know, it is World Cup time. The ups and downs of the game and the record number of spectators allowed Qatar to create the most exciting World Cup ever. FIFA president Infantino said: "We just hope that at the end of the day, we can bring joy to people all over the world. That's what footba

Dollars are too high
2022 / - 10 / - 25

The US dollar exchange rate reflects specific competitiveness, so it cannot be too low or too high. This is because it is suitable for merchants to import raw materials, and at the same time, it will not impact export products, and it will be adjusted in an orderly manner for a long time, and there

Celebrate Halloween with diifferent Lights
2022 / - 10 / - 17

range lights this year? More ghosts swaying from the trees and more covens of witches gathered around lit up cauldrons?Popularity of Halloween decorating is on the rise and has been for years. Halloween follows only Christmas, and, according to retailers, every year more families are decorating thei

IP65 certification
2022 / - 10 / - 09

Recently, Wenzhou Jinzheng Security Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the on-site audit of the expert group of Wuxiang (Shenzhen) Certification Center and obtained the waterproof IP65 certification.

The crisis is touched
2022 / - 09 / - 16

The crisis is touched! US railways cancel all long -distance trains! Or outbreak of national railway strikes! 30%of cargo transportation is paralyzed. According to CCTV News, according to several American media reports, several major unions that recently representing railway workers are negotiating

LED full size lightbars big festival in September
2022 / - 09 / - 09

The September Purchasing Festival has started. If you also follow us, you will definitely find our official website, Alibaba's latest super September promotional video. If you haven't paid attention, I suggest you pay attention to Alibaba and our official website, learn about our company's latest pr

LED full size lightbar big promotion from JZ TECH
2022 / - 08 / - 15

The summer of 2022 has been hot and uncontrollable, and it is finally coming to an end. Taking advantage of this long-awaited autumn wind, we solemnly launch our company's September promotion - the Purchasing Festival.Next, we will introduce some of our event products.The first product is our LED-23

The bestseller is coming -full size led lightbar
2022 / - 04 / - 08

The bestseller is coming -full size led lightbarRecently, we have shipped several long led lightbar, each of which has more than 100 pieces. It shows that this kind of full size led lightbars is not bad in this country, it is a style that is easy to sell and easy to use.Let me introduce it to you.Th

Chinese Valentine's Day
2022 / - 08 / - 10

Beating the heat, lovebirds in Shanghai proved their love was hotter than the sizzling temperatures as they celebrated Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, in a variety of ways on last Thursday. Sweet love permeated the day. On the 520-meter-long Tian'ai Road in Hongkou District, kn

We already back working in 2022
2022 / - 02 / - 18

My dear customer,partner,friend,Great New~!We already start working in Feb.16th,2022.In the new year we promise top quality,best service and competitive price as usual,at the same time sincerely hoping cooperation with you on the basic of equal and mutual benefit,which we call win-win together!Your

Warning Light Factory in Summer
2022 / - 07 / - 11

Time flies, only the second half of 2022 is left. The northern hemisphere has entered summer time, and our Wenzhou Jinzheng security warning light factory has also entered summer.If the temperature in the factory workshop is too high, it will easily lead to heat stroke and affect the delivery time o

LED strobe warning light
2022 / - 05 / - 31

The continuous and fast three-strobe flashing form produces strong visual impact, and the warning effect is better. Colors are red, yellow, white, green and blue. Scientific parabolic mirrors spread light far. Use rubber gaskets to prevent rain and dust. There are many advantages: high-brightness LE

Why the freight is so expensive?
2022 / - 06 / - 30

Recently, the sentence you said most frequently to your sellers maybe was: ‘ Where is my package?’ Or ‘Why the freight is so expensive?’We fully understand your mood, do you want to know what causes this situation? Let’s discuss here!In the first half of the year, we thought the logistics situation

Strobe light's backstory
2022 / - 06 / - 17

Strobe lights, also known as strobe lights and strobe lights, use electronic means (such as programming IC with a capacitor microcontroller) to make the light source flash slowly or quickly to serve as a warning. There are two types of light sources for strobe lights:1. High-pressure gas discharge l

2021 / - 11 / - 26

Congratulations! The newest ISO9001 certification just come out !

How to Place an Order
2022 / - 03 / - 14

Soon it will be March 2022, the factory is gradually on the right track and everything is in normal production. Soon the first batch of 200 TBD-6500B lightbars and the second row of 300 TBD-8500B lightbars have been shipped. Other orders are made side by side, and the product is produced and shipped

mascot of the paris olympics
2022 / - 11 / - 21

mascot of the paris olympicsOn November 14, 2022, Beijing time, the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee announced the mascot of the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics "The Phryges". The main body of the mascot is triangular, and the color is mainly red, supplemented by blue and white, which also matches the

Connect with our clients
2022 / - 11 / - 15

Connect with our clients When interacting with people, you must remember a rule: talk shallowly and not talk deeply. Human relationships start from strangers. We sell our products. You can buy products from any supplier. Why did you choose us? We may publicize enough, maybe we don’t care when we see



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