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  • Nov
    US election: Biden won, what happens next?

    When Biden officially announced his bid for the 2020 presidential election, he publicly declared that his ruling philosophy is two things-serving the workers who "build the country" and defending American values that help bridge social differences. In the election year, the United States faces many

  • Nov
    How would you choose?

    The US election is over. If you are one of the voters in the United States, who did you choose before? No matter who you choose, I think they are worthy of admiration. Because both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden are working hard for their final vote. Even if the election is over, there is no doubt that the

  • Oct
    Where is my package?

    In October, the sentence you said most frequently to your sellers maybe was: ‘ Where is my package?’ Or ‘Why the freight is so expensive?’We fully understand your mood, do you want to know what causes this situation? Let’s discuss here! In the first half of the year, we thought the logistics situati

  • Nov
    Invention Patent Certificate Approval-TBD-8200B-S

    Wenzhou Jinzheng Safety Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Nov
    R65 Certification Approval

    After 4 months,our new developed lights in June.2019 now get the R65 certification!If you need them,please go to the ''download'' to get the certification file pdf

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