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  • Sep
    We have to equip them with necessary equipment such as police cars, ambulances and trucks.

    Experienced the epidemic, We are united in different countries and different languages. Our respected police are maintaining public order. Our medical staff are also fighting against the virus day and night. Heroic deeds happen every day. Both the alive and the dead should be remembered by us. In order to support their work, we must equip them with necessary equipment such as police cars, ambulances and trucks.

  • Sep
    During the Epidemic, the Use of Warning Lights is Increasing

    As we are experiencing the epidemic with the world, our company is also persisting. In the warning light industry, let’s take a look at the changes in the needs of domestic and foreign buyers I read the word strobe light from Google Trends,It can be seen that the demand for strobe lights is still high.

  • Sep
    Who Played A Key Role during COVID-19

    Now our company just pushed out one quite stronge full size led warning lights Model#TBD-9600B.

  • Sep
    Whose Usage Has Increased during the Epidemic?

    How to choose high-quality and cost-effective products? When you meet a new company, how do you judge the quality of the product?
    Here I recommend you a potential company-Wenzhou Jinzheng Safety Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Sep
    COVID-19 how to change our life

    If you have a chance to let 2020 begin again, will you miss it? Most people won’t as 2020 is not a peaceful year. We experienced wildfires, riots, floods, corona virus and so on. It’s tough but we need to keep moving, no matter the daily life or the business. The fires around the world means the hea

Wenzhou Jinzheng Safety Technology Co., Ltd. ,one of the professional manufacturing for all kinds of LED Lightbars,Mini Lightbars.LED Strobe Lights,Dash Visor Directional Lights,Ambulance Lights,Beacon Lights,Siren Amplifier and Speaker since 2003.
We have got ISO9001 enterprise Certification,and majority products for export were certified to CE,ROHS,ECE R65 R10,all products have 2 years warranty.They have been applied in public security system and law enforcement equipment system for the department of police,fire rescue,ambulance,wrecker and etc.
We consistently provide the top quality,best serve and competitive price to customers.Sincerely hoping cooperate with you on the basis of equal and mutual benefit.

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