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How would you choose?

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The US election is over. If you are one of the voters in the United States, who did you choose before? No matter who you choose, I think they are worthy of admiration.


Because both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden are working hard for their final vote. Even if the election is over, there is no doubt that the two old people worked hard at the age of 70 to achieve their goals, persist and move forward. It's even over, and Mr. Trump is still fighting for his last chance.


As a young company's factory, what should it do?

As young people, what should we do more?


In a complex market, we as customers can meet a variety of suppliers. Some of the quality is really good, but the price is only hopeless. Some prices are what we like, but the quality is weak. Some are quite satisfactory, but nothing new. How can we choose a suitable supplier?


Actually, why not try our factory? Although the factory has been established for 7 years, it has always adhered to product details and user experience.

Aluminum profiles, lamp beads, lamp boards, lampshades, wires and cables, lamp controls, etc. will be carefully selected. Draw circuit diagrams of LED aluminum substrates, produce aluminum substrates, lampshades, component patches, welding, inspection, installation, and inspection. Every step is carefully crafted.

More importantly, we are willing to develop new products to inject new impetus into our production line.


As young people, we take care of our products and our customers more intimately. In order to match the time difference with the customer, some salesmen often still discuss details with the customer at one or two in the middle of the night. We take every order seriously, no matter how big or small. Because we believe that we can accompany our customers to grow together.


Regardless of the final election.

We must always learn from them, and we must not convince the old.

Life can be terminated, but the spirit of struggle must last forever.




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