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Came back to work with LED warning light

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After a long vacation, my heart has been moving since a week ago. Contact old customers and check out the circle of friends. I am very happy to see that everyone is doing well. Although the epidemic is not over yet, it will even exist in our surroundings for a long time. But the vaccine has been developed, everyone can protect themselves in the plan, and also reduce a lot of pain, which is worthy of joy.

We have started to work, and the workshop staff for LED warning lightbar, minilightbar, strobe lights, dash light, beacon, siren and speaker etc. are in place one after another.

Because there are some orders left before the holiday and need to be rushed out, some customers have placed orders after the holiday. At present, we are hurrying to catch up with the orders. Please wait patiently, we hope to rush out as soon as possible under the condition of ensuring the quality, thank you for your understanding.

If you have a new warning light list, you can also contact our sales staff, we are happy to serve you.

The best of you, thank you.

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