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About J&Z Wig wag led warning light

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J&Z Wig wag LED Warning light, surface mount lighthead , led hide a way 

What is Wig wag ?
JZ WIG WAG led warning light show

wig-wag is a device for flashing an automobile's headlamps at a preset rate. In its traditional form a wig-wag constitutes the illuminating of the right and left headlamps alternately, with each lamp lit for around half a second at a time. In the United Kingdom the wig-wag is only seen on the road on emergency vehicles. The 'standard' wig-wag is often used within a cycle of other illumination patterns, such as swiftly alternating the left and right headlights, alternating the left and right headlights slowly, or flashing both headlights together, and using a mixture of high- and low-/dipped-beams.

Although the use of flashing headlights does increase the visibility of any vehicle,[citation needed] it can also create problems. In situations when highbeam headlights are flashed, the wig-wag may create glare or may otherwise temporarily blind the drivers of oncoming vehicles.

Generally, wig-wags are prohibited on all vehicles except emergency vehicles,.[1] However the road rules in New South WalesAustralia, and some areas in the United States allow school buses to have flashing headlights

About J&Z WIG WAG led warning lights

JZ Surface mount wig wag light
738 Ambulance perimeter wig wag
ems surface mount perimeter wig wag led light

Now we can do these following lights to be wig wag



led police lights, emergency vehicle lights/J&Z warning light

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