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Why the freight is so expensive?

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Recently, the sentence you said most frequently to your sellers maybe was: Where is my package? Or Why the freight is so expensive?

We fully understand your mood, do you want to know what causes this situation? Lets discuss here!

In the first half of the year, we thought the logistics situation would be much better in the second half of the year. Actually, this year is almost over, but the logistics is still a mess.

The recent cross-border logistics still has two problems:

The first problem is that before the National Day holiday, all sellers sent their goods out, so the shipping ports were congested.

According to news from airlines, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are currently heavily congested, and a large amount of cargo is piled up here. Due to the epidemic, there has been a shortage of workers at the terminals, and now it is even more busy. This kind of congestion causes container delays on average to exceed 7 days. And this kind of congestion cannot be easily alleviated. Because the second half of the year is the cross-border peak season, a large number of goods have to be shipped, so this situation may continue for some time.

The second problem is that the logistics fee is going to rise again! This is not alarmist.

The latest news: This month, the US air dispatch price will increase substantially, and the air dispatch prices in Europe and Canada are also rising. Shanghais air dispatch is expected to increase the most, at around $1.19/kg; there is also no downward trend in ocean freight, even the price of ordinary ships at the Port of Los Angeles catches up with the price of the Mason Clippers in the same period last year.

In terms of express, many UPS discounts for GSP and ground services have changed from 8% off directly to 12% off, which means that the unit price has basically more than doubled. There is also news that FedEx in the United States will begin to increase prices after November 3rd.

Thats really a bad news both to sellers and buyers. So you can see the earlier you place the order, the less you pay for the freight.

Here in order to help clients save cost and receive goods on time, our company implement the following measures:

1. Some conventional warning lights, siren amplifiers and speakers, we prepared sufficient inventory, to shorten the delivery time.

2. Part of classic lights, especially the full size lightbars, we have big discount for bulk order even the USD-RMB exchange rate has dropped a lot.

3. Contact more forwarders to know the newest freight trend, and serve cost-effective flight to save customers' costs.

Some key clients already arranged their year-end order, herere partial production photos of the products they ordered.

If you have interest in these products, do not hesitate to contact us!

We will arrange your order together, so that you can get the most favorable price and avoid the period of express congestion and freight crazy increases!

If you also have other suggestions to improve it, please kindly leave your comment, we will send you feedback as soon as possible!



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