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What kind of police car vehicles in American and Canada

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What kind of police car vehicles in American and Canada 

What kind of police car vehicles in American and Canada


Now there have many kind of police vehicles in American and canada, they have different models from different emergency vehicle factory ,


1 Chrysler  police car police lights

Chevrolet police car.png

Chrysler Sebring (SSV)

Chrysler Enforcer (Chrysler Newport) 1961-1964

Dodge Coronet 1956-1959, 1965-1975

Dodge Dart Seneca and 330 1960-1964

Dodge 880 1962-1964

Dodge Monaco (PPV; 1973-1978)

Dodge Intrepid (PPV from 1997 to 2004)

Dodge Durango (SSV)

Dodge Charger (PPV; 2006–present)

Dodge Magnum 2005-2008

Dodge Dakota (PPV, SSV, SSP)

Dodge Ram (PPV, SSV, SSP)

Dodge St. Regis (PPV; 1979–1981)

Dodge Aspen 1976-1980

Dodge Diplomat 1980-1989

Dodge Polara 1961-1973

Dodge Monaco (PPV; 1974-1978)

Jeep Cherokee (frequently used by U.S. police forces, PPV from 1992 to 2001)

Plymouth Fury (PPV; 1965-1978)

Plymouth Volare (PPV; 1976-1980)

Plymouth Savoy 1956-1964

Plymouth Belvedere (PPV; 1957-1968)

Plymouth Gran Fury (PPV; 1975-1977, 1980-1989)

Plymouth Satellite 1969-1974

Plymouth Valiant Used by the Swedish Police as well as a few other US police departments.


2,Ford police car police vehicle police warning lights


Ford police vehicle.png


· Ford Torino/Ford Fairlane — 1963–1976

· Ford Galaxie/Ford CustomCustom 300/Custom 500/ — 1957–1976

· Ford Fairmont — 1978–1983

· Ford LTD II — 1977–1979 (used by the Texas Department of Public Safety and other Texas law enforcement agencies in the late 1970s (also used in Canada) right after the Mopar C-body squads were in the process of being discontinued; this was considered a consolation prize since the competing Mopar B platform squads were in high demand)

· Ford LTD — 1984–1985 Fox Body

· Ford Bronco

· Mercury Grand Marquis - 1983-2011 Panther Platform (same as Ford Crown Victoria)

· Mercury Marquis - 1984-1985 Fox body

· Mercury Monterey - 1970-1974

· Mercury Montego - 1970-1976 (used by the LAPD 1970, Tucson and Phoenix P.D., Oklahoma Highway Patrol 1975)

· Mercury Zephyr — 1978–1983 Fox Body

· Ford Crown Victoria (a large majority of the police forces in North America use the Ford Crown Victoria as the standard squad car)

· Ford LTD/LTD-S/LTD Crown Victoria (PPV; 1979–1991)

· Ford Crown Victoria (PPV; 1992–1997)

· Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI) (PPV; 1998–2011)

· Ford Edge (2010–present)[16]

· Ford Explorer (SSV:?-2010)

· Ford Police Interceptor Utility (PPV; 2013-Present)

· Ford Expedition (SSV)

· Ford Excursion (SSV)

· Ford F150 (SSV; 2013-Present)

· Ford Taurus (frequently used by U.S. police forces in the 1990s didn't sell very well. In addition, the mid-sized Taurus was discontinued in 1995. Ford reintroduced it in 2012 as a successor to the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in 2013 based on the full-sized Taurus as the Police Interceptor Sedan.)

· Ford Taurus (first generation) (PPV; 1990-1991)

· Ford Taurus (second generation) (PPV: 1992-1995)

· Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (PPV; 2013–present)

· Ford Mustang (used primarily for interstate speeding enforcement, SSP from 1982 to 1993)[17]

· Ford Econoline (still in service with many bomb squad and SWAT units and prisoner transports)

3,General Motors  police car police vehicle police lights


Chevrolet police car.png


· Chevrolet Bel Air (PPV;1959–1975, up until 1981 for Canada)

· Chevrolet Biscayne (PPV;1959–1972, up until 1975 for Canada)

· Chevrolet Camaro (B4C; 1991–2002)

· Chevrolet Caprice (PPV; 1991–1996)

· Chevrolet Celebrity (SSP; 1984–1986)

· Chevrolet Express (SSP; Prisoner Transport)

· Chevrolet Impala/Caprice (PPV; 1971–1976, 1977–1990)

· Chevrolet Impala (PPV; 2000–2005)

· Chevrolet Impala (PPV; 2006–2013*)

· Chevrolet Lumina (PPV; 1996–1999)

· Chevrolet Malibu (PPV; 1979–1983)

· Chevrolet Nova (PPV; 1975–1979)

· Chevrolet Tahoe (PPV; 1997–1999, 2005–present)

· Chevrolet Tahoe (SSP; 2001–present)

· Chevrolet Suburban (SSP; ?-present)

· Holden Caprice (Chevrolet Caprice) (2011–present)[18]

· Hummer H1 (PPV)

· Pontiac Catalina (PPV; 1971-1981)

· Pontiac G8 (PPV; 2008-2009, it was never purchased with the Los Angeles Police Department since Pontiac closed and folded.)

· Pontiac Grand Prix (PPV; 1996-2003)

· Pontiac LeMans (PPV; 1973-1977)

· Pontiac Parisienne (PPV; 1959-1987)

4, Nissan  Police car police vehicle police ligths


Nissan police car.png



5, SAAB police car


6,Studebaker police car


7,Subaru  police car


8,Toyota police car


9,Volvo police car



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