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Warning Light Factory in Summer

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Time flies, only the second half of 2022 is left. The northern hemisphere has entered summer time, and our Wenzhou Jinzheng security warning light factory has also entered summer.

If the temperature in the factory workshop is too high, it will easily lead to heat stroke and affect the delivery time of customers. In a hot and sultry environment, the secretion of human sweat is accelerated, which will cause the body to lose water and cause dehydration. In the hot summer, we Jinzheng Security feel that there are the following ways to solve the cooling of the factory floor:

1.Install traditional air conditioners, but we all know that the cooling effect of traditional central air conditioners is very good, but its installation costs and operating costs are very high, which makes many companies discouraged when choosing cooling equipment in hot summer. Another point is that it The conditions of use are very limited and can only be used in closed workshops. In most industrial production, many large factory workshops are open, and it is not practical to install traditional central air conditioners. Not to mention that it didn't work, and it wasted a lot of money.

2.The installation of environmentally friendly air conditioners has become the most popular cooling method in factory workshops in recent years. This is a product that is different from traditional equipment and is very suitable for industrial places. In particular, some garment factories, shoe factories, electronics factories, handbag factories, etc. are all labor-intensive industries, with more employees and more heat sources. The installation of environmentally friendly air-conditioning cooling equipment is relatively cheap, the power consumption is also very low, and the cooling area is also large. It can cover the factory workshop using hundreds of square meters, and more importantly, it has good effect, saves electricity, and saves operating costs.

3.Environmentally friendly air conditioner + industrial large fan, this is an innovative cooling solution for large-scale factory workshops. By combining the advantages of environmental protection air conditioners and industrial large fans, the environmental protection air conditioners continuously deliver cool and cold air to the factory floor, and the huge blades of industrial large fans rotate. The circulation system allows the cold air entering the factory workshop to spread evenly to every corner of the workshop, so as to achieve the purpose of ventilation and cooling of the entire factory workshop. This factory floor cooling solution effectively reduces costs due to the wide use of industrial large fans. A single unit can be used in a factory workshop of thousands of square meters. The comfortable cool and cool air of the environmental protection air conditioner can be used in the factory workshop of the upper square meter. The two devices complement each other from their advantages to achieve an incomparable cooling effect. It is a very good low-cost cooling solution for cooling large factory floors.

4.Provide AulyAugustSeptermber, October summer allowances for four months, so that employees can buy some cooling supplies by themselves.

Production is important, but so are employees. Our company has always provided better products and services for customers and better benefits and treatment for employees. I hope everyone is better every year, so that the company will develop better.




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