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This great port was destroyed

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Iskenderun Port is located on the Mediterranean coast and is the second largest port in southeastern Turkey. After the strong earthquake, part of the port collapsed and a fire broke out in the container yard at the terminal. At present, all operations in the port have been suspended.


Although the fire in Iskenderun Port has been extinguished, there is still a lot of smoke in the burning container, and there have been reports of resurgence from time to time recently, so several fire engines can be seen at the scene on standby . In the past two days, firefighting aircraft have been seen patrolling the relevant areas from time to time in Iskenderun Port.


It can be observed at the scene that related cleaning work is still in progress. According to Turkish media reports, the earthquake had a great impact on the relevant internal structures of Iskenderun Port. Coupled with the losses caused by the fire, the insurance claim amount may reach hundreds of millions of dollars, and this may also be the result of the earthquake since 2020. The largest port destruction since the Beirut port explosion in Lebanon


According to what the reporter learned from the Turkish Maritime Affairs Administration, due to the serious internal damage to its related structures, Iskenderun Port has suspended all operations, and it may remain suspended for several months.

At present, except for the Iskenderun Port, other Turkish ports have not been affected by the earthquake, but it affects the whole body. Turkey is a global shipping fortress. Some experts pointed out that this earthquake may have serious impact on Turkey. Future inland transportation and strait shipping will bring some uncertainties, and may even further affect the trend of global commodity prices and the normal operation of international production and supply chains, thus bringing a certain impact on international trade.



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