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The bestseller is coming -full size led lightbar

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The bestseller is coming -full size led lightbar

Recently, we have shipped several long led lightbar, each of which has more than 100 pieces. It shows that this kind of full size led lightbars is not bad in this country, it is a style that is easy to sell and easy to use.

Let me introduce it to you.

The first is the classic long bar light TBD-2400B. The length of this big size lightbar is 120cm, and there are a total of 216 lamp beads. Although each lamp bead is only 0.5watt, so many lamp beads are put together and it is bright enough. Its material is PC material, adding UV anti-ultraviolet parts, which can also protect the lampshade from sunlight erosion on a certain basis. There are several colors of lamp beads and lamp shades to choose from, red, blue, yellow, white and green, and they can also be matched with each other. Suitable for ambulances, fire trucks, and also for police cars. The waterproof level is IP65, which can prevent the general rainy weather. In addition, a 100-watt horn is placed in the middle of the long row of lightbars, which can be matched with a variety of sirens, and sirens of different prices and quality, which can do 12 VDC or 24 VDC. The lights are switched on and off and flashed by the buttons on the siren. So in general, there are 2 modes.

The second one is the better TBD-8500B we sell, which is popular with many customers as always. It has a length of 127cm and can be selected from three voltages: 12 VDC, 12-24 VDC, and 24VDC. There are a total of 88 lamp beads, each of which has a high power of 3 watts. The top is composed of PC material, bottom aluminum profile and ABS material. The PC lampshade can be made of red, blue, yellow and transparent, and the lamp beads can be made of red, blue, yellow, white and green, and can also be customized if you need purple. The waterproof level is also IP65, which is a good waterproof. We have four kinds of light controls for you to choose from: the simplest one is DN2, with only switch and mode buttons, there are 25 modes in total. The K858 multi-function controller also has 25 modes to choose from. The main feature is that the spotlights and lane lights do not flash with the main lights, and the guide lights only have 6 groups of lights behind. The K868 multi-function controller has 16 modes. Its main feature is that the spotlights and alley lights flash along with the main lights, and the rear row are all guide lights. K888 multi-function controller, it combines the characteristics of K858 and K868 two light control, and then adds cruise mode, low light mode and dual-color function keys.

The third one that sells better is the TBD-6500B long bar. The length is 113cm, and the number of lamp beads is 72, each of which is 3 watts. This one is mainly made of PC lampshade and upper and lower aluminum profiles. The color of the lampshade and lamp bead is the same as that of the TBD-8500B, which can be made, and can also be combined with each other. There are also four light control DN2, K858, K868, K888 to choose from. The waterproof grade is IP65.

At present, these three best-selling full size lightbar are temporarily launched. All our lights have a 2-year warranty. If you have any problems, you can take pictures and videos to us, and we also have the best after-sales team. But we guarantee that all products will be tested before shipment to ensure that there is no quality problem.

There are many other styles are also good, welcome to pay attention to our website or find us by whatsapp, wechat and other contact methods, our company is very happy to answer any questions for you.

Thank you for your great support.



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