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Summer is here, warning lights are cheaper

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The hot summer has come, are our customers all preparing for a vacation?

I hope our customers don’t rush for the holiday, our summer promotion is here.

Since the current US dollar to RMB exchange rate is still higher than 6.4, our company has made a super affordable summer promotion price.


There are some products that sell well, our company decided to sell them at a profit.

For example, if the original price of the 9600B long row light is 259 US dollars, we will sell 235 US dollars each with our K868 controller.

This is still the price of one unit, if the quantity is large, the price will be more favorable.

For example, if the original price is 37 US dollars, it will cost more than 100 MOQ LED-978 (9*7INCH) ambulance lights. Now the price of more than 100 MOQ is only 35 US dollars.


The length of the long bars is 120cm and 105cm. We also selected two long bars with horns and alarms. I also chose several short rows of lights, with lengths of 56.5cm, 33cm, and 40cm. There are two types of ambulance lights, 9*7 and 7*3. If you need a price list, we can send you an email. You can leave a message or email us directly.

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Although we have made special prices, the quality is still the same, and we will continue to make products seriously.


The lamp beads are all 3watt, there are two 9600B, 9100B long row lights also have 1watt, suitable for the needs of different groups of people. PC lenses are made of UV materials with anti-ultraviolet rays. The aluminum profile is oxidized, the electric cable is much thicker than the market, and the bracket has more adjustment space and so on.


While there are activities now, we recommend that our customers can place orders directly to stock up, because there is only two months of validity, and we will still restore the original price after expiration. If the exchange rate is lower than 6.4, we will also restore the original price. Because we can't lose too much.


The current international situation is still unstable. The prices of raw materials have risen too much from last year, and the preferential prices like last year are gone. But take advantage of the hot season now, first stock up some goods. We can check the freight later, because now the freight is quoted within one week. Think about waiting for our customers to stock up the goods, and then come back from vacation, our goods are also ready. Just need to deal with the freight, isn’t it super beautiful?


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