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Strobe light's backstory

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Strobe lights, also known as strobe lights and strobe lights, use electronic means (such as programming IC with a capacitor microcontroller) to make the light source flash slowly or quickly to serve as a warning. There are two types of light sources for strobe lights:

1. High-pressure gas discharge lamps: There are long lamps, U-shaped strobe lamps, spiral strobe lamps, etc. in shape, which have been widely used because of their fast flashing speed and high brightness; However, with the continuous maturity of LED technology, it has been gradually replaced by high-power LED light sources; LED light-emitting diodes: The biggest features of this light-emitting unit are high efficiency and good energy-saving performance. It is now widely used in the transportation industry.

2. LED light-emitting diode: The remarkable feature of this light source is high efficiency, power saving, and excellent brightness can be obtained with a well-designed lens, which has become a dark horse in the field of strobe lights;

2. The shape of the strobe light is diverse, with a fog light design, which can be used in place of the car fog lights; there are embedded installations, which are installed in the headlights, fog lights and tail lights of the car; some are installed in the windshield of the car Glass sucker-type strobe lights in the glass; there are ceiling-type strobe lights that rely on magnets to be adsorbed on the roof of the car; there are also ceiling-type strobe lights that are attached to the car's net or bumper, which are called net strobe lights and bar lights; The product has the characteristics of good decorative effect and strong warning performance.

3. Flashlights have been used in police or special vehicles before, and are rarely used for civilian use. Such police flashlights are controlled items. It is widely used in entertainment venues, road traffic, advertising lighting, vehicles and ships, public security and other fields. The installation of such flashlights is permitted by national traffic laws, but cannot be used in prohibited areas expressly specified by the state or city.

4. The strobe light has the function of prompting and warning during use. In dangerous sections, you can observe the strobe lights to judge the road conditions and install strobe lights on vehicles. For a simple example, when a car breaks down on a high-speed road, it happens to be at night when you pull over. You can use the strobe lights to warn the vehicles behind. Of course, you can't directly shine The driver's cab has a certain self-defense and self-rescue function. There are not many opportunities for daily use of flashing, and flashing is very useful at critical moments.



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