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More than 200 people died in the Palestine-Israeli conflict

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The conflict between Israel and Palestine in Gaza lasted more than a week. Palestinian officials in Gaza stated that Sunday (May 16) was the heaviest day of casualties since the recent Israeli air strikes. More than 40 people died and more than half were women and children. The Israeli military alleges that Palestinian militants have fired more than 3,000 rockets to Israel in the past week.


This round of conflict caused more than 200 deaths, 197 people from Gaza, including at least 58 children. The Israeli side claimed that a total of 10 people were killed in a rocket attack since last week.


On Monday (May 17), the Israeli Air Force continued its air strikes in Gaza. In the morning alone, it launched 80 air strikes in Gaza City, while the Hamas militants continued to launch rockets into the southern city of Israel.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi put forward four propositions when presiding over the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on Sunday: ceasefire and stop violence, humanitarian assistance, international support and the "two-state solution." He welcomed Palestinian and Israeli negotiators to hold direct negotiations in mainland China and criticized them. The United States obstructed the Council’s unanimous voice to ease the situation. The United States called for an end to violence, but worried that the Security Council statement would backfire.


UN Secretary-General Guterres warned that continued fighting would plunge the region into an "uncontrollable crisis" and called for an immediate end to the "heinous" violence. The United Nations warned that there will be a fuel shortage in Gaza, making hospitals and facilities unable to supply electricity.


Lynn Hastings, Assistant Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process of the United Nations, told the BBC that she had urged the Israeli authorities to allow the United Nations to bring supplies and fuel into Gaza, but the Israeli authorities called it "not safe."


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