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Maersk, Dad Fei, Herberrot became the first larger ship company that was investigated!

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Recently, Biden issued a state of mind to speaking, claiming to focus on inflation, and taking the shipping "open knife"!

The US House Committee officially launched a public investigation of the price fraud of major container liners in the world on March 4. Specific measures include the behavior of combating shipping companies, and recently proposed to deprive the legislation of the anti-monopoly immunity of shipping companies.

Maersk, Dad Fei, Herberrot became the first larger ship company that was investigated!


The American House of Representatives is aimed at the high price of Danish, France, and the three European carriers of Herberott, France, Germany as the first container ship company, which triggered the industry, and shipping the industry. Price, or the United States port construction is too late to trigger a series of supply chain, expecting to be a fierce attack.

The US Congress established two supervisory groups to investigate three container ship companies, and claim that the shipping company charged high shipping costs to the shipper may exacerbate inflation. The supervisory team has been sent to three major ships last week, requiring them to provide information from the shipping cost, and the relevant reports of high sea freight and surcharges submitted in the past year.

The investigation committee said that the world's top ten container ships have controlled nearly 85% of the garrison capacity in the world, using this market forces, these shipping companies in 2021 seem far to exceed any cost growth, resulting Up to 150 billion US dollars (9 times the 2020).

James Clyburn, Chairman of the Survey Committee, said: "The affordable freight is critical to ensuring that SMEs can continue to maintain their livelihoods, and provide consumers to provide goods and services to consumers with reasonable prices."


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