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Laws regulating the installation of the flash police lights

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Laws regulating the installation of the flash police lights



There have many kinds of flash police lights in the world,the first one is red and blue in our mind, but not every car including the private car can fleet the flash police lights , there must be authority by the emergency car regulator and follow their rules, you know the firefighter ,police ,ambulance emergency vehicle will be absolutely mounting on this flashing warning lights.


public service and Government emergency vehicle


At J&ZTECH , We can offer full range of public service and government emergency vehicle strobe flash lights package, no matter the warning light bar , the grille&surface mount lights ,speaker, siren ,police siren and other emergency lights, you can choose different color and different length of our lights, but you must know the laws in your area and be safety using it


Color of flash police lights


The flash police lights color can be red and blue from the regulations and police vehicles, you can not mount and fleet other color unless the rule is changed


If your car is tow truck or construction vehicles the color should be orange or amber or yellow colors for your car ,just keep in mind , dont outfit your emergency vehicle lights by unauthorized way .


Where can i buy the best flash police lights


There have many way you can buy emergency vehicle warning lights and police flash lights

J&ZTECH is the best factory of led flash police lights and other emergency vehicle lights , we can offer a full board of warning lights for your vehicles and make best satisfaction for your requirements .







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