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LED strobe warning light

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The continuous and fast three-strobe flashing form produces strong visual impact, and the warning effect is better. Colors are red, yellow, white, green and blue. Scientific parabolic mirrors spread light far. Use rubber gaskets to prevent rain and dust.

There are many advantages: high-brightness LED is used as the light source, and the life of the light source is long. With high strength, it can adapt to harsh environments. High-brightness LED strobe warning light, high visibility, no maintenance during use. Multi-layer LED arc-shaped surround design, uniform lighting, high brightness, no dead spots, no bad contact. Easy installation, stable work, low maintenance cost.

In addition to adding personality and highlights to your car, it will have a good safety warning effect in foggy, rainy and snowy days.

1 The basic function of the strobe light is to remind and warn. For example, in an emergency, you need to attract the attention of others and you can turn on the flash, then others will notice you. To give a simple example, a car on the highway breaks down and pulls over. It happens to be night. You can turn on the strobe to warn the car behind you, but of course you can't shoot directly into the driver's cab.

The flash can also cause dizziness, and it has a certain self-defense and self-rescue function. There are not many opportunities for daily use of flash, and it is very useful in critical moments.

If you want convenience on the way, or if you have a flat tire, you will have to stop. And at this time, if parking on the curve is a very dangerous thing, it is very easy to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, the time-convenient LED warning light plays a key role. Not just a light warning, it can also be used as a lock when needed.

2. Modified family. With the appearance of some decorative strobe lights with low frequency and low power in the automotive supplies market, many toys that love to modify have listed strobe lights as one of the necessary weapons for car modification.

3. Daily necessities. Lovers of outdoor activities. The metal alloy shell has the functions of strong light, working light, and flashing. The LED is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, has a long life, and is very convenient to use.



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