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LED full size lightbar big promotion from JZ TECH

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The summer of 2022 has been hot and uncontrollable, and it is finally coming to an end. Taking advantage of this long-awaited autumn wind, we solemnly launch our company's September promotion - the Purchasing Festival.

Next, we will introduce some of our event products.

The first product is our LED-238 hideaway light, this excellent strobe light not only has synchronous function, but also asynchronous function, and we have improved the lamp head, the mirror surface is more convex to make the light refracted and brighter. The price hasn't gone up either, and there are even more discounts for this event. how to say. Isn't it appealing that things are getting better, but the prices are lower?

The second product is our LED-990 6*4inch LED perimeter light. This product has synchronization function and was just developed last year. It is a good selling product among our new products. Five colors of red, blue, yellow, green and white can be made, which is very suitable for our customers' ambulance or fire truck.

The third and fourth products are our led full size Lightbars TBD-9100B and TBD-8200B. The price for a minimum order of 10 units is very favorable, only 159 US dollars. It used to cost 50 or even 100 units. The light control is our multi-function light control, K868 or K888. Buy whichever one you like, even without the need for a light control.

The fifth and sixth products are our mini lightbarLED-6108 and LED6113. 8inch and 13inch, they have two installation methods, screw installation or magnetic stand installation.

The event is only for 2 months, from August 1st to September 30th. We have more discounts, if there is a need, please contact us in time, don't let the discount miss.




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