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IP65 certification

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Recently, Wenzhou Jinzheng Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the on-site audit of the expert group of Wuxiang (Shenzhen) Certification Center and obtained the waterproof IP65 certification.

1. What is the IP protection level?

Answer: IP (INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION) protection level system is drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION). The electronic appliances are classified according to their dustproof and waterproof characteristics. The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of dust separation and protection from foreign objects, and the second number indicates that the electrical appliances are moisture-proof, The degree of airtightness of waterproof intrusion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level. The protection level represented by the two marked numbers is as follows:

In addition, when the level of protection requirements is higher than the level indicated by the above characteristic numbers, the extended range will be expressed by adding an appendix letter after the first 2 digits, which also needs to meet the respective requirements of these additional letters.

The degrees of protection typically used for communication products are IP 57 (dust and short immersion unaffected), IP 65 (dust and splash) and IP 67 (dust and short immersion unaffected) Affected). Whether to use IP 65 or IP 67 depends on the actual application and different test standards. IP 67 is not always better than IP 65. Components that meet the IP 67 standard do not necessarily meet the IP 65 standard, so IP65 certification is obtained only after rigorous experiments.

Wenzhou Jinzheng Tech Co.,ltd has always regarded the quality of its products as a long-term key task since its establishment. After so many years of continuous efforts, 90% of the products in the factory have finally reached the IP65 certification level. In the future, Wenzhou Jinzheng Security Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to develop in product innovation and product



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