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How to Place an Order

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Soon it will be March 2022, the factory is gradually on the right track and everything is in normal production. Soon the first batch of 200 TBD-6500B lightbars and the second row of 300 TBD-8500B lightbars have been shipped. Other orders are made side by side, and the product is produced and shipped to the customer as quickly and as best as possible.

But I found that there are still some customers who don't know how to place an order. Next, I will teach you how to contact us to place an order.

First of all, you have to contact any of our salesmen, our contact information is in the contact column, you can contact us at will. Or leave a message directly on our official website, we will contact you immediately when we see it.

When we get in touch, we can talk about what products you need, and I will send you a catalog, detailed product details, quotations, and shipping prices according to your needs. Generally speaking, we will offer you a step-by-step quotation, and give you the best and most suitable price according to the quantity. The shipping fee will also be quoted based on the estimated weight and package size. Rest assured, we will try our best to prepare and not earn your money on shipping.

I will make a detailed invoice for you if everything feels ok. The invoice contains all the details you need, such as product model, product image, product color and other requirements, quantity, unit price, freight, total price. It also contains your detailed receipt information, delivery time, delivery method, etc.

Finally, the payment method is also included. Generally we have four payment methods. The first is to establish a credit guarantee order on the Alibaba International Station platform, which needs to be initiated by your email address. You can pay by credit card or directly to a bank account on Alibaba. If you pay with a credit card, you need to pay a 2.95% handling fee to the Alibaba platform; if you pay to a bank account, you need a bank handling fee of $40. Second, you can accept Western Union payment, you may need to pay a handling fee to the bank locally, and the handling fee will vary according to the amount. Third, you can accept PAYPAL payment, because the PayPal handling fee is paid by the recipient, so you need to add a 4.4% handling fee to us when paying. The PayPal platform will deduct the payment directly from the payment. Fourth, pay directly to our company's bank account, and the handling fee will be deducted directly from the payment, so a handling fee of 20-60 US dollars needs to be added to the payment. Fees vary by region and payment method.

There are three forms of delivery. The first is express delivery, which is suitable for small items or small quantities, and the delivery time is about 15 days. The second is air transportation, which is suitable for long rows of lights with a quantity of more than 10 pieces or when it is urgently needed. The third is sea freight, which is suitable for long rows of lights with a quantity of more than 20 pieces, and the delivery time is about one month.

Once we've settled on the invoice, the next step is payment.

For small orders, we recommend a one-time payment to avoid the second collection of handling fees. For large orders, we can accept 30% or 50% deposit in advance, and the balance should be paid before delivery.

When we receive your payment, we start arranging to order raw materials and join workshop production arrangements.

Please believe that we will ship to you as soon as possible within the time agreed in the contract! So act fast and join our warning light market.



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