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ECE R65 LED Police lightbar truck light bar TBD-8200

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ECE R65 LED Police lightbar truck light bar TBD-8200

8200red and blue.jpg


July 2017 , J&Z TECH New police warning light bar and truck light bar passed an significant certifications ECE R65 for amber color and blue color .Its called TBD-8200

 R65 8200 Amber and blue.jpg

In the past few months J&Z TECH R&D Dept working hard and spending lots of time and money to reinvent a new and reliable police light bar , it have 4 length options :

94cm, 37inch




 8200 R65 police light bar.jpg

To meet most emergency vehicle strobe flash warning system demand , it contains more than 25 flash pattern ,also can make unique euro popular flash pattern : 1 steady burn low power (about 50% power) for not burn leds ;2.emergency pattern, can be double flash alternate ,as seen on europe cars,3, traffic advisor mode, left,right and center to side model .

Anyway , customize flash pattern is also allowed


TBD-8200 also can achieve five color on led and lens :red/blue/amber/white/green




Red/blue, red/red, amber/amber,blue/blue,red/amber,red/white,white/white,amber/white,



Chameleon color allowed for TBD-8200 Police light bar truck light bar


ECE R65 info:

No.: TA1-E9-00.1969 and TB1-E9-00.1970


Technic  specifications:


. Dimention:120cm Lx30cm Wx10cm H (Including Bracket)

· Voltage: 12VDC or 12-24VDC

· Top and bottom for PC material with UV stabilized

· (82) 3-watt MaxGen LEDs

· 25 selectable flash patterns with three option control switch box

· Built-in amber traffic advisor with directional patterns

· Takedown & Alley lights steady burn or flash

· ECE R65 approval ( No.: TA1-E9-00.1969 and TB1-E9-00.1970)

· Customizable different size


 8200 police light bar draw.jpg

Please contact J&ZTECH to buy this unique police light bar truck light bar for your emergency vehicle






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