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Crazy, Mason container fry to 60,000 US dollars!

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As we all know, due to various reasons, China has introduced various power curtailment policies. This led to a big plunge in multi-line freight. I thought that our spring was coming, but the next second winter returned, and ocean freight would rebound rapidly. It can also be seen from the relevant data that the current freight rate of Mason has exceeded US$4.7/KG, and the highest rate has soared to US$5.5/KG, breaking the previous highest price. 

Recently, a freight forwarder also broke the news that Mason's cabinets sold for 60,000 US dollars. Compared with the approximately US$1,500 per cabinet in Mason before the epidemic, the price has soared nearly 40 times. This is really crazy.

The price of the cabinet is so high, the freight forwarder also broke the news that Mason’s overtime vessels are very poor in timeliness. In fact, the recent failure of Mason’s overtime vessels has been about one month. Source: Yien

Dear friends, 2021 is about to end in two months. If you still have orders for long bars, short bars, strobe lights, dash light, traffic advisor light bar, siren and speaker products, you can consult us more. Taking advantage of the opportunity, stock up a lot and seize the market. I believe you have seen that the magnetic steel on the market has risen very sharply, and raw materials such as rare earths are very scarce. We also quoted according to the validity period.

And according to Reuters a few days ago, global supply chain issues have pushed up the prices of raw materials ranging from chemicals to steel. Earnings reports issued by several major US manufacturers show that the bottleneck period of the supply chain is difficult to improve in the short term, and major companies must raise their prices due to heavy losses in profits.

 So if you place your order early, it will be more beneficial to your company.

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