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China sells a large number of US debt, Yellen: The United States is facing financial disasters

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he relationship between China and the United States is once again in trouble because the "balloon incident" is once again in trouble. It will be color.

Just as the Sino -US relations are on the verge of rupture, the US Treasury Minister Yellen said that he still wants to visit China and has to doubt what the purpose of Yellen is anxious to visit China? What's more?


In the context of the opposition between Sino -US relations, analysts believe that China is preparing for the showdown. At the same time, Russia's front car lesson has also been awakened to China. Only by accelerating the US dollar and reducing US dollar assets in foreign reserves, can we better be alone at the time of the crisis and not be balanced. As one of the five major bond countries in the United States, China has sold U.S. debt successively, causing US concerns. In addition, Japan, the largest creditor country in the United States, has also begun to sell US debt. It can be analyzed from behind that US credit has gradually begun to shrink internationally.

Because the US debt is high now, there is a risk of liquidation of debt defaults at any time. The U.S. Congress said that if the problem of debt is not resolved as soon as possible, the United States will face the risk of debt default from July to September, and the US credit crisis will also go bankrupt.


Ellen said that once debt defaults, it may weaken the US position in the international monetary system, and it may also trigger a global financial crisis. The United States will also fall into a spiral economic recession. By then, the US's dominant position in the international community will be at stake, which is the result that American politicians do not want to see.

Therefore, at this critical moment, Yelun had to turn his eyes to China. In addition, Deputy Secretary of State of the United States Sakman, US Defense Secretary Austin, and US President Biden also hoped to talk to China. But every time China opens the door to welcomes the United States to visit China, it is the return of the United States. If the United States does not change the behavior of "saying a set of one set", then want to get a little bit of benefits from China!



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