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Celebrate Halloween with diifferent Lights

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range lights this year? More ghosts swaying from the trees and more covens of witches gathered around lit up cauldrons?

Popularity of Halloween decorating is on the rise and has been for years. Halloween follows only Christmas, and, according to retailers, every year more families are decorating their houses for Halloween.

Light it up. Whether you are going for the laugh, for a sophisticated autumn theme, or for full-on horror, you can make your Halloween decor stand out by just adding a few strands of inexpensive craft lights here, a couple of net lights there and a few strings of mini lights will make your decorations twinkle a little brighter.

Orange is the obvious and popular color for Halloween. Orange evokes harvest, pumpkins, and the falling leaves. Orange lights are by far our biggest sellers for Halloween.

As a technical note, “Amber” is the commercial term for orange lights, we call our incandescent mini lights orange but they are this traditional amber color. We decided to call them orange because some folks expected a more caramel color and we want to make sure our customers know what to expect.

More and more, we are also selling green and purple lights for Halloween. All of the secondary colors are popular, and purple and green can make your decorations stand out from the crowd.

For customers focusing more on autumn decorations, yellow makes an appearance as well. Yellow and orange lights mix nicely with the gourds leaves and hay bales that start making an appearance at the first nip of cool Autumn weather.

If you've worked with purple Christmas lights before then you know that incandescent purple bulbs throw a good deal of pink. Mixing them with orange warms them up a bit. We've noticed that our purple LED Bulbs are closer to a true purple.

To save money, you can re-purpose clear or white Christmas lights. It’s easy to change the color of clear lights by putting them under transparent colored fabrics. This creates a muted effect on the front of the house, in a garage, or in your private haunted house.

Get crafty. Use craft and battery lights to tuck some light into a ceramic pumpkin, highlight a wreath or light up a golden hurricane.  It's easy to highlight decorations in your entryway, a jack-o-lantern or a table centerpiece if you don't have to worry about a plug.  Jump on the bandwagon and decorate a glass block with a spooky face and highlight it with a set of white lights.


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