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Best selling red blue police lightbar with 100W speaker and siren

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Look at this picture, whether you think it's very good-looking, I am sure this item of TBD-8200B-S is very suitable for your luxury car.

We met this Korean customer on social software. At the beginning, he said that he just followed our account when it was pushed. He didn't pay much attention to it. But our homepage products are updated in time and the information is very fast. Every day, he can see pictures and videos of our factory, or produced, or tested, or packaged. Every process and every accessory will be carefully inspected by our factory. We will also broadcast live from time to time, from a little bit awkward at the beginning to the later. All this shows that the atmosphere of our factory is very lively.

That day was Saturday, this Korean customer suddenly sent a message to our company. He said he thought it would take a long time to get a reply, but he didn't expect to get a reply the next second. We are very busy all the time, but we can still give timely feedback to customers. The customer didn't dare to buy more at the beginning, just tried to buy a little sample. He said that we would not dislike him at all. He was small and served him warmly.

He got the best support. Slowly, his business got better and better, and he bought more and more. This time, he won the bidding of the police car, and installed the beloved long row lights on the police car.

What kind of long row lamp is this.

Its model is TBD--8200B-S, and its size is 120cm length x 30cm width x 10cm height, which includes the height of bracket. There are six colors available: red, blue, yellow, green, white and lake blue. There are four kinds of lampshade: red, blue, yellow and transparent.

The voltage is 12 VDC or 24 VDC. The top and bottom are all made of UV resistant PC lens. The profile at the bottom is much thicker than that of ordinary manufacturers, and it is oxidized and blackened. We are all making 4 meters thick wires. Every detail is wonderful.

The TBD-8200B-S lightbar has a total of 74 lamp beads, and our matching 3-watt lamp beads also meet the super bright visual effect that all customers want.

There are 25 modes in this model, which can be directly controlled by our alarm, or matched with k858 or K868 controller. Both the siren and speaker are 100watt. The speaker is built in the center of the front row. We have a variety of options for the siren. Usually there are PA300 siren and CJB100Fsiren for customers to choose, of course, the price is not the same.

If you like this product, you are welcome to contact us.

We hope to provide you with the best quality, most suitable for your market products.



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