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90,000 companies have retired! A large number of orders in Vietnam is transferred! Production interruption, shipping issues let European and American clothing giants consider resending the supply chai

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Recently, the Vietnamese epidemics remains serious, and the number of patients have continued to rise, and the mortality rate rises. The epidemic caused a heavy blow to the Vietnamese economy, and local companies face serious business difficulties due to epidemic.


According to statistics, 90,300 companies in Vietnam in Vietnam were returned to the country in the first three quarters. At the same time, the epidemic situation is gradually evolved in the hit of Vietnamese manufacturing, and the global supply chain of clothing, shoe, electronic technology and other industries is also interfered. And production interruption, shipping issues also make European and American clothing giants can't stand: Just thinking about re-selecting the supply chain!

98.9% of enterprises have been seriously difficult due to epidemic

903 million companies have returned

According to the data released by the Statistical Statistics of the Vietnam, due to the serious influence of the new coronal pneumonia, Vietnam's GDP (GDP) is expected to increase by 1.42% from the same period last year. Among them, economic data in the second quarter has been lowered from an increase of 6.61% to 6.57%; while the GDP in China has dropped 6.17% year-on-year, the first time in 2000 declined.


September this year, Vietnamese Statistical Statistics surveyed national enterprise operations, 90,300 companies in the country in the first three quarters, an increase of 15.3% over the same period in the previous year. The survey shows that 94.3% of companies are facing difficulties due to their epidemic.

Among them, 98.9% of enterprises in the southern provinces and cities are facing serious difficulties due to epidemic, especially in the southeastern enterprises, this proportion reaches 99.1%. More than 6,600 industrial enterprises across the country participated in the above survey, 95% of companies expressed their affected epidemic. Among them, 80% of companies increased investment due to epidemic prevention; 54.2% increased production costs due to raw materials; 49.5% increased expenditures due to rising logistics prices; 40.8% of corporate production raw materials shortage; 33.4% Enterprise usage shortage.

Production interruption, shipping issues make European and American clothing giants can't stand

Just considering reselect the supply chain!

The Vietnamese Government issued a report in October 2021 that it would not be able to reach due to restrictions such as labor shortages, and the cost of clothing exports will not be reached, and there may be 5 billion US dollars. The new crown epidemic is gradually volatilized in the harvest of Vietnamese manufacturing. For example, Baicheng Group is the world's largest sports shoe manufacturer. October 6 is the day in which it is officially completed in Ho Chi Minh City, but according to the statistics on the day, only 20% -30% of workers returned to the original work. There are more than 40,000 employees that have failed to return on time.

According to the Vietnamese Textile and Apparel Association, the industry has hired 3 million people, and now 1 million of them have left, and there is no way to work, or in a failure. The association said that the industry is facing a shortage of labor, supply chain interruptions, etc., foreign trade orders are not delivered, may not be able to reach the original annual export goals.

Since the epidemic situation and global supply chain of Southeast Asia, the shoes and clothing retailers are transferring the manufacturing center from Southeast Asia to the United States and Europe. Vietnam's production interruption and long-term shipping issues have pushed costs, postponed the supply delivery period, so that the fashion industry had to reconsider the global supply chain.

Currently, clothing brands such as Hugo Boss and Spain Mango (Mango) have been produced from Vietnam to other European countries, such as Turkey, Morocco and Portugal. In addition, the US footwear retailer Steve Madden said, in addition to reducing the company's production in Vietnam, it will also plan to produce 50% of footwear production to Brazil and Mexico. Italian Clothing Brand Bennton Chief Executive Masimo Lei Nong said that they are increasing Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt, will achieve Asia's production at the end of 2022.

Canada Lulu Lemon (LULULEMON), the three companies of Columbia and Michael Kors have decided to transfer production from Vietnam to re-order, increase air transportation. According to the Turkish Clothing Chamber of Commerce and the Association, due to the increase in the EU orders, the country's costume export in 2021 will reach 20 billion US dollars, and the history is high. In the first half of 2021, the textiles, leather and footwear exports in the southern Bosnia - Herzegovina have reached 436 million US dollars, exceeding the total exports in 2020.

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