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2.Stainless steel material 
3.Electroplate finish comes one panel,two panel,three panel,four panel ,six panel

Company Introduction

Wenzhou Jinzheng safety Technology co.,Ltd is one of professional manufacturer and exporter for all kinds of LED lightbars,LED beacon,Led Deck/Dash light,Electronic siren and speaker for police car,fire truck,ambulance,wreckers and other special vehicles.

Fixture Control: 

A light control panel allows users to control individual lighting fixtures or groups of fixtures. It provides faders, buttons, or touchscreens that correspond to each fixture or group, enabling precise control over intensity, color, and positioning.

Dimming and Intensity Control: 

Light control panels often include dimming capabilities, allowing users to smoothly adjust the brightness levels of connected lighting fixtures. This feature is especially important in theater and stage lighting, where smooth transitions between lighting scenes are required.

Color Control: Many light control panels support color mixing and control for fixtures that can produce a wide range of colors. They may include color wheels, sliders, or touch-based color pickers to create and adjust specific hues, saturations, and color temperature.


Effects and Movement Control: Advanced light control panels offer control over various lighting effects and movements. They may include built-in effects generators or support external devices like moving lights, scanners, or automated fixtures. Users can program and control parameters such as pan, tilt, gobo selection, beam shaping, and other dynamic lighting effects.

Patching and Addressing: Light control panels allow users to patch or assign specific lighting fixtures to individual control channels. This process involves assigning a unique address to each fixture, ensuring that the control panel can communicate and adjust the parameters of each fixture independently.

Networking and Integration: Modern light control panels often support networking and integration capabilities. They can communicate with other lighting control systems, consoles, or software, allowing for centralized control and synchronization of multiple lighting systems. Integration with other audiovisual or automation systems is also possible, enabling seamless coordination between lighting, sound, and other elements of a production or installation.

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New Area, Longwan District, wenzhou China
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