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US election: Biden won, what happens next?

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When Biden officially announced his bid for the 2020 presidential election, he publicly declared that his ruling philosophy is two things-serving the workers who "build the country" and defending American values that help bridge social differences.

In the election year, the United States faces many challenges, especially the racial and social inequality disputes caused by the new crown epidemic. During the campaign, Biden promised to create more new jobs, restore environmental protection measures, reform the medical insurance system, and restore international allies. 

The eight major political platforms announced by Biden and the campaign camp in the past period of time.

1. Gun Control

2. Immigration Policy

3. Race and Police

4. Medical and health

5. Economy and employment

6. Climate change

7. New crown epidemic

8. Foreign policy


Biden promised that his first diplomatic task after taking office is to repair relations with allies as soon as possible, and restore the United States' leadership role in the world.

When talking about China’s policies, Biden said that China should be responsible for unfair trade and environmental policies, but he did not approve of the Trump administration’s current unilateral increase in tariffs.

He proposed to form an international alliance with democracies around the world to jointly respond to China’s challenges, but his statement on how to respond to China’s challenges is vague and still lacks specific policy guidelines.

Anyway, with Biden winning the election, the tariff trade war between China and the United States is expected to return to normal.


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