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Putin warns that it only exists in name only, and Ukraine quickly slams harsh words: the war must be won before winter

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Putin warns that it only exists in name only, and Ukraine quickly slams harsh words: the war must be won before winter

Yermak, a Ukrainian official, said harshly that the country must win the conflict with Russia before winter, otherwise the Russian side will take advantage of the weather conditions to better stabilize the situation on the battlefield, and it will be more difficult for the Ukrainian army to counterattack. Yermak said Russia was trying to prolong the conflict.

When the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will end has attracted the attention of all parties. Ukraine has repeatedly set the time node before winter. During the previous G7 summit, Zelensky participated in the meeting via video connection, and he expressed his hope that the conflict with Russia would end before winter.

Putin's warnings to Ukraine have little effect, Russian military ramps up attack

During Putin's visit to Tehran, he was interviewed by the Iranian media. He said that before Russia and Ukraine reached some basic agreements in Istanbul, Russia took the initiative to withdraw its troops from Kyiv and other places in order to create opportunities for peace, but Kyiv was always unwilling to implement it. agreement between the two sides. He said it appeared that Ukraine did not want to stop the conflict.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has entered a critical stage. The Russian army has destroyed most of Ukraine's heavy equipment, but soon they got better equipment from Western countries, such as M109 self-propelled howitzers and "Haimas" rocket launchers. The Ukrainian army lost badly on the battlefield, and became somewhat crazy, and even launched attacks on civilians in Kherson and other areas, and even planned to strike Crimea. In order to avoid the heavy equipment of the Ukrainian army and cause civilian casualties, Shoigu ordered the priority to destroy the long-range strike force of the Ukrainian army.

The Russian army has basically ended the battle in the important city of Luhansk, and the focus of the battle has shifted to the Donetsk region. The Russian army used a large number of precision strike weapons such as missiles to attack key targets such as the Ukrainian army's headquarters and rocket artillery systems. The Russian army claimed that they destroyed more than ten sets of rocket launch systems in Udachnoye, Donetsk, and also attacked the temporary station of foreign mercenaries, and achieved great results. However, the Ukrainian army claimed that they had defeated the Russian army's offensive many times and did not think that the Russian army had achieved a major victory.

Ukraine fears war won't be won before winter, Western support will be weakened or even withdrawn

The Russian side actually does not want the war to continue for a long time, but Ukraine has received assistance from the West and does not care about the Russian side's warning. Although it has been losing on the battlefield, it has behaved very strongly and even proposed to win the war before winter.

There is a view that after entering the winter, European countries’ demand for natural gas from Russia will further increase, and it may be difficult to maintain strong sanctions. Russia may also threaten European countries by cutting off natural gas supply and make them stop providing assistance to Ukraine. So Kyiv seems urgent.



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