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Coronavirus: The number of confirmed cases in the UK and Europe soars, countries offer new bans to turn the tideCoronavirus: The number of confirmed cases in the UK and Europe soars, countries offer n

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How bad is the situation in European countries?

The number of confirmed cases of the new crown virus has increased rapidly. In the United Kingdom, the newly launched "three-tier lockdown" system in England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the system is a "moderate" and "balanced" method that can save lives while protecting economic.


At the same time, in many European countries, the number of hospitalizations due to new coronary pneumonia has once again risen sharply. European countries have tried to contain the situation from deteriorating again.


The Czech Republic announced that it will implement a three-week partial lockdown and will close schools, bars and clubs. The diagnosis rate of the new crown virus in the Czech Republic has soared, becoming the country with the highest infection rate per 100,000 people in Europe. The Czech government will close restaurants and prohibit drinking in public.


At the same time, the number of hospitalized patients in many European countries has surged. Martin Hirsch, head of the French "Greater Paris University Hospitals" (APHP), warned that by the end of next week, 90% of intensive care beds in Paris hospitals will be full. President Emmanuel Macron will announce further restrictions in a televised speech on Wednesday (14th) French time. French media reported that many popular attractions across the country, including Paris, may face a curfew.


The Taiwanese group "Hundred Thousand Whys in France" living in Paris told the BBC in Chinese that France reacted too slowly at the beginning of the epidemic, perhaps because of lack of experience, and believed too much in the WHO's statement that the virus cannot be transmitted from person to person at the beginning, and ignored the epidemic. The seriousness, even whether to wear a mask, is uncertain.


Although the French government is taking strict measures, it feels that it has not prescribed the right medicine. The isolation of confirmed cases or groups at risk is not true. It is a big problem, causing the epidemic to counterattack.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel previously stated that she was “very concerned” about the current situation in Europe and added: “I must say that the situation is still serious.” German health officials reported on Wednesday (13th) more than 5,000 Newly confirmed cases, this is the first time since April this year that it has broken 5,000 confirmed cases.


What's happening elsewhere in Europe?

Catalonia also said restaurants in the region of about 7.5 million people would only be allowed to serve takeaway. Gyms and cultural venues will be allowed to operate at 50% capacity, while shops and large shopping centres must be limited to 30% capacity


On Wednesday Italy recorded its highest daily rise in infections since mass testing began with 7,332 new cases confirmed


In Portugal, the government said gatherings would be limited to five people from Thursday. Weddings and baptisms can be attended by up to 50 people but university parties will be banned


A three-week partial lockdown began late on Tuesday in the Czech Republic, with schools, university halls, bars and clubs all shut. There have been 1,106 deaths from Covid-19 since 1 March, and more than 8,000 new cases were announced on Wednesday, for only the second time since the pandemic began.


Poland has reported 116 deaths in the past 24 hours - its highest number since the start of the pandemic - and a record 6,526 new cases


Belgian officials have warned that if current rates of infection continue, all the country's 2,000 intensive care beds could be filled by mid-November


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