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August Warning Lights Still Work Hard

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Half of the summer has passed, my dear friends, are you still on the journey? The current situation of the new crown is still severe. Please be sure to wear a mask to protect yourself and your family. I believe that luck will always come to you.


If your trip is over, you can watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics during your home casual time, and you can also pay attention to our world of warning lights.


At present, our factory has launched a new light control K888, which combines the functions of our original K858 and K868 light control, takedown lights, ally light lights, guide lights, and also adds low light and cruise modes.


The mode button has 19 flashes. Mode to meet the needs of more people. There is also a two-color mode function, but this function is still under development, I believe I will see you soon.


At present, our company has two long full size lightbar that can be used in two-color mode. The two models, 8500B and 8700B, are the two best-selling models in our factory.


Many customers like the appearance very much. Other styles of light panels are too narrow to be suitable for use. But don’t worry, we also plan to develop new long bars.


At present, the two-color light control is a simple second-level light control. After our new light-control two-color function is completed, it can also be equipped with this multi-function light control K888.


I think I am lucky to meet such a factory that likes to research and develop. The factory will always be happy to collect opinions from us and our customers. If you have any comments, please leave a message to contact us. Thank you very much!

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