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A client I met

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A client I met gave me encouragement when I was most helpless. I just entered the warning light industry at that time and I am learning every day. For every question raised by a customer, I need to find the answer instead of blurting out this professional knowledge. However, this client saw that I was a novice, but still trusted him and placed the first order to me. Although it is not trivial, it is very meaningful. I am very grateful for his trust.


A customer I met would make things difficult for me. Sometimes it does cause me a lot of things to deal with.

But I think about it carefully, making things difficult is a good thing, and customers take our warning light products in their hearts. He actually likes our products very much and knows them well. If our long rows of lights or other strobe lights are inadequate in some places, if we want to solve this situation, we must have tenacity and show our customers well. But we need to adjust our mentality. We do not only do things for our customers, but also for the benefit of our factories. A good factory can attract new customers and maintain old customers for a longer time.


A client I met also liked to give us advice. Based on their warning light market and experience, put forward some opinions, let us retain more customers. These valuable suggestions are not usually encountered by us, or we need time to explore. Although they also want to sell themselves better in the market. But we still need to be grateful.


Every customer we meet has something worth learning.

I hope that Wenzhou Jinzheng Security Technology Co., Ltd. will grow up with our customers and win each other together.

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